Planning for your most pivotal appointments

CEO turnover in 2019 was the highest it’s been in nearly 20 years. These changes at the top can send shockwaves through an organisation. To minimise any negative impact on momentum, morale, reputation or share price, companies need to establish their own bank of ‘ready now’ people who can step in and step up. Whether the departure of your most senior executives was planned or unforeseen, we have the experience and tools to help you smooth the transition.

Failure to plan carries real business risk

The consequences of poor leadership are huge. Research shows that unsuccessful transitions into C-suite roles result in a 15% drop in performance and 20% less engagement among staff. While successful transitions can make it 90% more likely that teams will meet their three-year performance goals. With succession planning so crucial to business results, it shouldn’t just be the preserve of HR, or a discrete activity that’s triggered when necessary. The benefits of engraining it as a constant within a company’s culture and operations are indisputable.


In numbers

  • of executives fail within the first 18 months

  • of annual salary is the estimated cost of replacing an executive

  • years - the median tenure for CEOs at large-cap companies

  • of global leaders think they are unprepared for their new roles

  • of companies commonly identify leaders by a single nomination

We engage with your board and executive teams

We build a deep understanding of your culture, challenges and strategic goals. We pinpoint the criteria for great performance in your most senior roles. Then, we identify and assess those with the potential – both inside and outside your organisation – to deliver.

We coach and shape your internal pipeline

According to recent research, as many as 83% of global leaders think they’re unprepared for their new roles. Only 32% feel their organisations adequately support new leaders. We help you develop the potential of your senior figures by showing you effective ways to nurture the skills they need.

We don’t stop when the appointment starts

We boost the likelihood of success with a tailored programme that supports onboarding, enhances integration and reduces the risk of your new leader not performing at their best.