Transition Coaching

Maximising Leadership Impact Utilising the Double Diamond Framework

Maximising Leadership Impact is a 12-Month Executive Transition Coaching Programme Utilising the Double Diamond Framework© of Executive Transitions: This is a full on, custom designed, and bespoke executive coaching programme that accelerates value creation by de-risking the professional development, avoiding potential derailers, and accelerating time to productivity significantly. This programme requires an organisation’s investment of £16,997.

What this programme includes:

  • A coaching objectives alignment session with the executive’s line manager and CHRO, as well as mid-point and end-point check-in (3 sessions x 30 minutes)
  • 2-3 jointly agreed developmental and aspirational objectives that zero in on specific competencies needed to embody a new way of being and achieve the coaching objectives
  • A deep 4 Human Domains intake session lasting an hour and a half
  • An in-depth HOGAN® Leadership Forecast assessment (includes a 90 min debrief of the current way of being, what this way of being allows for and ways in which it’s holding the leader back)
  • A total of 10x sessions of executive coaching (lasting up to 90 minutes each)
  • Up to 6 stakeholder interviews (up to 30 minutes each) to gather additional input plus a 90 min debrief session
  • Custom designed practices, self-reflections, reading and exercises to work with between the coaching sessions that enable the executive to build the muscles and resilience to achieve their developmental objectives
  • Accountability and support in between sessions whenever required through email
  • A total of 24 hours of Face 2 Face coaching time during the 12 months per participant (plus another 24 hours of preparation, and 24 hours of post-session work, so a total of 72 hours/per participant)
The Double Diamond Framework

Navid Nazemian, Executive Transition Coach, PCC (ICF)

Navid helps executives and their leadership teams accelerate and successfully transition into new roles. He is the author of Mastering Executive Transitions – The Definitive Guide, a #1 new release and international bestseller on amazon. Navid is an unparalleled expert and a thought leader in executive transitions, having lived and successfully worked in five countries across six sectors and working with C-level leaders on the same as an Executive Transition Coach. He brings to the table an eclectic background that spans over two decades of human resources experience in some of the world’s most admired organisations at country, regional and global leadership level, in both emerging and developed markets.

Navid Nazemian: “My passion lies in supporting executives during critical transitions. I am inspired by their courage to deliver value to their organisation whilst staying true to their authentic selves.”

Navid Nazemian